Wanny Scarpa

Travel Specialist
Biking Sardinia / Bvan

Biking Through Sardinia...

Sardinia has to be one of the most beautiful places to go on a bike tour. With its scenic surroundings, one will surely enjoy spending that time outdoors. The bike tour will begin from Alghero and end there as well, as the riders return after spending four days riding along the lovely Sardinia West Coast.

It is known as the most exotic island of Italy that consists of great well-surfaced, car-free roads, where you will have a smooth cycling experience. The coastline of this island is stunning and Alghero is the ideal starting point. Starting from the north-west side of the island, you will travel through the marvelous Capo Caccia cliffs, also known as The Sleeping Giant, and across the MontiFerru mountains. While traveling south, the riders will travel through Cabras and Sinis Peninsula as they cross the Malvasia road until they find the ancient villages of Sardinia, such as Monteleone Rocca Doria and Montresta.

On this route, the riders will follow the scenic coastline that consists of breathtaking sea views, sandy beaches, and emerald green waters as they travel to the island’s southern point. Sardinia is filled with historic places and on this route the riders can discover ancient sites, Carthaginian settlements, Roman baths, rural churches, and so on. 

Throughout this holiday, you have the option to stay in numerous locations, such as family managed agriturismi or small, independent hotels. Plus, the living spaces are of high standard.